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Phone: (410) 535-2518 Cell: (443) 771-3566
Calvert Association of Educational Support Staff

Building Representatives

*Below is the school phone number for each individual. If you need personal contact information, please send them an email at their @calvertnet.k12.md.us email address or contact the CAESS office at (410) 535-2518.

LOCATION Representative Office #*
Barstow Elementary Michelle Parrot (Nurses) 443-550-9510
Beach Elementary Patty Payne 443-550-9520
Central Office Stacy Tayman 443-550-8272
Calvert Country School Patricia Brooks 443-550-9910
Calvert Elementary Piper Martin-Bagdovitz 443-550-9550
Calvert Elementary 443-550-9550
Calvert High Julie Andrewlevick 443-550-8880
Calvert Middle Angela “Renee” Stuart 443-550-8970
Career & Tech. Academy Alonzo Brooks 443-550-9940
Chespax Stephanie Patterson 443-550-8079
Dowell Elementary Allyson Simmonds 443-550-9480
Huntingtown Elementary Mary Bolen 443-550-9360
Huntingtown High Aisling Elgesem 443-550-8810
Huntingtown High Jackie Waul 443-550-8810
Information Techology Phil LeClerc 443-550-8100
Mill Creek Middle Theresa Gross 443-550-9190
Mt. Harmony Elementary Cynthia Gonzales 443-550-9650
Mutual Elementary Cynthia Pitcher 443-550-9650
Northern High Pattsie Rawlings 443-550-8950
Northern High Darryl Jones 443-550-8950
Northern Middle 443-550-9230
PAC-Appeal Amy Jeffries 443-550-9670
PAC-Patuxent Margaret Stewart 443-550-9710
PAC-Patuxent Carla Delamarter 443-550-9710
PAC-Patuxent T.J. Thacker 443-550-9710
Patuxent High Brenda Savoy 443-550-8840
Plum Point Elementary Robin Gray 443-550-9730
Plum Point Middle Tamara Ealley 443-550-9170
Southern Middle Karan Kontra 443-550-9250
St. Leonard Elementary Patty Gott 443-550-9760
St. Leonard Elementary Jen Kapelka 443-550-9760
Sunderland Elementary Ellen Violett 443-550-9390
Transportation Alice Brooks 443-550-8777
Windy Hill Elementary Loren Edinger 443-550-9790
Windy Hill Middle Amy Bodmer 443-550-9310