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Calvert Association of Educational Support Staff


Looking for a way to make CAESS an activist organization? Participating in one of CAESS’ several standing committees helps build the organization, ensure accountability and empowers members to use the resources of CAESS to care for the issues that you care about.

The Auditing Committee – This committee shall audit the financial records of the Association annually.

The Budget Committee – This committee shall prepare the annual budget for the coming year.

The Bylaws Committee – This committee shall review the Bylaws of CAESS annually after the Representative Assemblies of MSEA and NEA. The purposes of this review are t

o make recommendations for needed revisions and to stay in compliance with relevant local, state and federal laws.

The Government Relations Committee – This committee shall advance theCAESS legislative goals in Annapolis and seek to influence local, state, and national politicians. The committee will review the MSEA and NEA legislative programs. This committee will also be responsible for the PAC Week Activities, the endorsement process, as well as other political activities approved by the Association.

The Membership Committee – This committee shall actively solicit new members to the Association and maintain updated and accurate membership lists and reports; sponsor workshops and
share information to enhance the professional growth of educational support staff; provide a communications network for the Association through newsletters, newspapers, and other media; organize social activities sponsored by CAESS and any other activities deemed appropriate by the committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Negotiations Committee – This committee shall survey the CAESS membership, prepare items to be negotiated by the Negotiations Team, and keep members informed of progress.

The Nominations and Elections Committee – This committee shall survey membership for candidates; and conduct annual local elections. This committee shall supervise all votes of the membership of the Association.

The President of CAESS can also form committees not listed above to pursue other important issues. If you are interested in serving on any committees, please let us know by sending us an email at caess@mseanea.org.